Our classes and groups provide students learning and performance opportunities in the community. ZFDM groups are a great place to learn basic rhythm and reading, provide opportunities to play with others and have fun!


Pre-K (3-5 y/o) Drums

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If your kid can hold the sticks, they’re old enough to learn to play drums! Give your little drummer a solid musical foundation with our Pre-K Drums class.
This class is a ton of fun and gives children the opportunity to play various percussion instruments including hand drums, shakers, woodblocks and maracas. Kids will even get to try out a drum set! We work together as a group using call and response techniques, introducing the kids to basic rhythm reading.
The benefits of this class far exceed rhythm play – students learn how to follow directions, practice their listening skills and enjoy music while working with others.

Pre-K Piano

It’s never too early to learn to play piano. Heck, Mozart was composing music by the age of five. Give your future piano prodigy a solid musical foundation with our Pre-K piano classes!

Group Drumset Classes

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Ages K-3rd grade. The Drum Room has 8 drum sets and a dynamic light display at your disposal. Students will play along to their favorite songs with noise cancelling headphones and basic instruction to get everyone jamming right away.
The group will learn the how to read rhythms and how to apply them to a drumset. This is a great introduction to playing drums.

Steel Drum Band

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Discover the joy of playing the steel drums in our ensemble classes. From learning pitches on the staff to reading music, you’ll get the opportunity to perform for the community at the end of the course.
Our groups rehearse once a week, and are segmented by grades — 2nd-5th, 6th-8th and high school — or age — 7-10, 11-13, 14-18 and adult.
*Student must be enrolled in lessons to participate in Steel Drum Band

Recycled Percussion

Get those buckets, hubcaps, pots and pans ready! This group specializes in crafting music out of found objects.


Develop your harmonizing, vocal percussion and arranging skills while working with a group of talented singers in our a cappella ensemble. Groups will work collaboratively to create a unique sound while performing classic and contemporary tunes.


Rock & Pop Band

From top 40 to classic tracks, this band group performs pop, rock, funk, soul and more. Groups are broken up by age, skill level and music interests, and perform at events throughout the community.

Jazz Band

This ensemble works on performing jazz standards, improvising techniques and playing with a group. Bands are broken up by age and skill level, and perform at events throughout the community.


Our choral groups work on arrangements of current songs, kids’ movie tunes and classic pieces. We help students learn to work as a group, listening to other performers’ voices to sing together in harmony.
Choral groups are broken up into three age groups — grades 1st-3rd, 4th-8th and high school — and perform at events throughout the community.

African Drum Ensemble

Students learn traditional rhythmic patterns and apply them in a group setting, with the opportunity to perform at various events. This group is all about building community!
*Students must be enrolled in private or semi-private lessons to be eligible to participate in group study.


Looking to spend time with a friend or family member by learning an instrument together? Our semi-private lessons are a great way to build that relationship, have fun and pick up a great talent!
Two or more students. The office staff can advise.

"Zach and the staff were so supportive of me trying out a new hobby. I loved the instruction from the very first lesson. Teaching an adult is different from teaching a child and adult learning is different as well. ZFDM knew exactly what to do to help me grow as a musician."

Stu Steinberg, Adult Student

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